Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dsiware Review; Wizard Defenders

Random Disclaimer: Wizard Defenders curiously features exactly 0 wizards. Instead it is a game involving a bunch of witches. 

"Wizard" Defenders, like many Teyon games, is played by holding your Dsi like a book. On the touch screen, various colour witches line up and on the other Monsters appear on a grid and go towards you. To attack, you line up 3 or more witches of the same colour, either vertically or horizontally. The more witches, the more power at your disposal. If the Monsters reach your touch screen, then a column of spikes appears and pushes your magical armada back. If your army reaches the back of the touchscreen, you die.

While an interesting and unique concept, it remains at that, with absolutely no story and no way to play tactically, instead forcing you to scramble your witches in time so you don't die. The game as a whole is
altogether far too frantic and it is easy to be overwhelmed, having to swap between "arrow" and "wave" type attacks, even early on, can lead to your death. Chains are more likely to happen randomly and it is hard to do things as the game wants you to do

The low-down

A unique concept that is fatally flawed

5/10- Not worth the money

Dsiware Review; Robot Rescue

At its heart, Robot Rescue is a cheap and cheerful DSiWare game that looks to steal your attention and make your brain ache with its catchy, old-school music, cute visual touches and interesting flourishes. As with all the best puzzle games, it offers a simple control scheme, with gameplay that is easy to learn, but difficult to master.

Using the D-pad you control robots who must escape from a computer, all at the same time. As the levels get steadily harder, you must think multiple moves ahead, with new gameplay ideas being introduced the entire time; glue, traps, conveyor belts, to name a few. There are 40 levels to beat, which should keep you going for a while, and for the price range it is at, it is a very commendable game.

However, it feels like the gameplay has not been fully explored, as so many other ideas may have been used. The touchscreen is dubiously used to control aspects of the menu, while the A button is used for others. However, these are only little niggles and the game as a whole is great!

The low-down

Overall, this is a nice little game that could be a lot more. I lot forward to reviewing Robot Rescue 2

7/10- Good small game