Wednesday, 29 May 2013

DsiWare Review; Ball Fighter

Good Fast-Paced Puzzler Goodness

In Ball Fighter, you must call coloured "balls" into your mystical-wizardous hand to match them with other balls of the same colour. You must match up a certain number of these balls before moving on to the next level. All the time, the balls are moving closer. If you let them touch the bottom of the screen then you die.

You can mess around with the settings a bit and either hold it normally or like a book. It is nice having it over two screens but can take a bit of getting used to. There is a steep learning curve for about the first 5 times you play, due to there being no tutorial, but this is quickly fixed.

This concept is simple, but is implemented with such finesse that it is impossible not to get addicted. This is just in arcade mode! Arcade mode is, of course, the meat of the game, with four handy pick ups that can be fired using the trigger buttons.

There is also the aptly named "Brain Breaker" mode, in which you control two screens with the same set-up. This is incredibly hard to do without dying and once you finally get your head around it, and you move back to Arcade, or the self-explanatory Survival, your brain will be in a complete mess, while trying to revert back to the original control scheme.

The third mode, is a Two player Vs mode on a single Dsi. This is the kind of mode which many developers are simply too lazy to implement, so this addition is very welcome. This helps extend the length and replay value of this title.

The final mode gets the least attention from me but is still a nice touch, seeing if you can beat the computer in Player vs Computer.

The low-down

This is an addictive and frantic puzzler which is a great port. I got very distracted while writing the review by this game! I have spent many hours on this game and intend to spend many more. The only fallback is that it can get repetitive

7.5/10- A lovely puzzler

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